Does your company need to hire a payroll manager?


There will come a time when you are planning your small business’s future. You’ll be having a meeting with your colleagues, where you will all be discussing how growth will affect your ability to keep operations running as smoothly as possible as expansion occurs.

Growth, of course, is positive for any business, but if you’re not prepared to manage it properly, you’ll succumb to problems – choppy waters that many a business down the years has struggled to navigate.

If you’re finding yourself nodding in agreement with the last sentence and are worried about how your business will cope with expansion – payroll in particular – there might be a solution.

That solution is hiring a payroll manager.

Here are a few telltale signs that your growth is big enough for you to now go into the market and hire a payroll manager to work in-house, perhaps employing an entire payroll team as time moves forward.

    • If you are spending more time on payroll matters to the detriment of other work
    • If mistakes have occurred in recent payrolls
    • If the company is hiring a number of new employees
    • If the company needs to adjust to new payroll legislation

For more information on the type of professional you should be looking for, please take a look at our guide to hiring the right payroll manager.

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