Portfolio Payroll
Month: August 2013

Are the UK's largest companies ready for RTI?

An adviser has warned that the introduction of payroll real time information for the UK's biggest companies may cause problems, and should be pushed back. Kate Upcraft, payroll adviser at ISIS Support Services, has voiced concerns that the fledgling RTI system may not be able to cope with the data from the country's 16,000 largest … Continued

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What makes a good Payroll Supervisor?

In any large business, the payroll supervisor is crucial. Leading the team, overseeing all processes and adapting to change, they are central to the smooth running of the company and the state of its finances. With so much at stake, how do you find the right person for the job? Five desirable qualities in a … Continued

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Why a skilled global payroll manager is vital in 2013

Companies with an expatriate or overseas workforce will know how important – and difficult – it can be to find a highly skilled global payroll manager. However, this prospect is even more daunting in 2013. In April 2013 HMRC introduced payroll real time information for UK companies. This in itself posed a problem for many … Continued

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Expatriate Payroll Advisor Recruitment

If your business is international, an expatriate payroll system may well be required. This offers benefits to both employees and employers alike, with some of the main advantages relating to taxation. If an individual relocates to work in a country where a higher rate of tax applies, expat payroll can ensure they do not suffer … Continued

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Recruiting a Head of Payroll

The payroll department in a business is an extremely important one, responsible for a number of actions which have a wide-ranging impact on employee happiness and the overall success of the company. With this in mind, a business should be extremely careful when recruiting a new head of payroll. Making the wrong choice will not … Continued

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