Portfolio Payroll
Month: September 2013

Payroll jobs in London

With so many large companies based in London, it is only natural that a large number of payroll jobs are available in the capital. Payroll is an extremely important part of any business, making it vital for the payroll department to be central to head office. As well as these permanent roles, retail and catering … Continued

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Payroll Errors Prove Costly For John Lewis

A payroll discrepancy discovered by John Lewis dating back to 2006 will cost the company around £40 million, with thousands of employees mistakenly underpaid for Sunday or bank holiday shifts. Speaking in an official press release on the 22nd August, a spokesperson commented: Around 69,000 current Partners will receive an additional one-off payment this month … Continued

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Recruiting the right International Payroll Manager

When hiring a manager, it is important to make the right decision for your business. As top level employees have a great amount of responsibility, it is crucial to recruit a candidate who will fit seamlessly into your workplace and produce the best possible results. At Portfolio Payroll, we can help you find an International … Continued

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