Portfolio Payroll
Month: February 2015

UK jobs market to pick up during 2015

A report by the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) has revealed half of UK firms are optimistic about the coming year and are looking at expanding their workforce during 2015. When asked, 28% of firms said they are planning an increase in permanent staff and 16% said they would be increasing temporary staffing levels during … Continued

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Payroll in UK is less complex than in other nations

Research by NGA Human Resources, a leading provider of global HR solutions, has revealed payroll in the UK to be one of the least complex payroll frameworks to administrate when compared to other countries across the globe. It was also suggested that UK businesses need to have an intricate understanding of local payroll management and … Continued

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Employers worried staff cannot afford to retire

A Survey by Hay Group has found 50% of employers are concerned about their employees being unable to afford retirement. Auto-enrolment education was also highlighted as an area for improvement, as only 27% of employers said the communications their staff received was to a standard considered to be “excellent”. The research was compiled from the … Continued

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