Portfolio Payroll
Month: June 2015

People skills are critical in employment

A study from Hay Group has revealed a gap in the significance graduates and employers give to people skills in the workplace. The management consultancy firm revealed 93% of businesses believe strong people skills are key for delivering commercial impact, while just over half (51%) of graduates think such skills get in the way of … Continued

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Find your ideal payroll manager candidate

Our recruitment specialists are skilled in placing skilled candidates in vital company positions, such as payroll manager. Here, we explain what this role involves and the attributes and experience to look for: What does the role entail? An effective payroll manager is important to the efficiency of the payroll department. They are responsible for the … Continued

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Hiring the perfect payroll manager

For any organisation the importance of the payroll manager means there’s lots to consider when recruiting for this type of role. This is why, at Portfolio Payroll, we take care of the entire recruitment process for you. We find skilled professionals with the experience to make a difference to your company. What makes the ideal … Continued

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