The Rise Of The Festive Payroll Temp


Christmas is a time of great excitement for both young and old, with people across the world searching for the perfect gift and guessing what may be left under the tree for them.

However, the festive season is less welcome for those who work in retail or hospitality, with an incredible workload increase due to the drastic rise in demand. The added strain on workers in these industries often leads to the need for temporary staff to be recruited, as employers do everything possible to ease the strain on their business.

So, what does this influx of temporary seasonal staff mean for the payroll industry? Portfolio Payroll explores some of the key considerations:

Temporary Staff

Christmas is the ideal time to recruit a payroll temp, with these specialised staff coming in for a short space of time to help ease the pressure on the full time workers.

The recruitment of temporary staff is by no means limited to the payroll industry, with seasonal workers employed by a variety of businesses in great numbers. These temporary staff may be paid differently to the regular staff, based on an hourly rate rather than a salary, and perhaps paid weekly rather than monthly. It is important to ensure that your payroll staff are fully aware of pay regulations relating to temporary workers and enable them to be paid correctly and on time.

Overtime and Bonuses

Many businesses will provide their staff with a Christmas bonus at this time of year. If this is the case at your company, it is the responsibility of the payroll team to ensure that staff receive this bonus promptly and in full.

Payday Dates

In most cases, employees will receive their wages early in December. The payroll team will have to prepare for this, ensuring that everything is in place to successfully bring forward the payment dates.

Contact Portfolio Payroll

Portfolio Payroll has a wealth of experience in payroll recruitment, providing businesses with the very best candidates all year round. Our specialist knowledge in the industry provides us with the perfect platform to advise your business on how to deal with the Christmas rush, and you should contact us immediately to ensure that the correct measures are in place before the festive madness really kicks off.

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