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Do you have a star Payroller who stepped up during Lockdown? Has someone in your Payroll team gone the extra mile to ensure the team gets paid during these difficult times?

Payroll Professionals have kept the UK paid over the past 5 months despite many challenges. We want to celebrate the dedication of every ‘Hero’ within the Payroll industry during the Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals (CIPP) National Payroll Week starting Monday 7th September so are asking for you to NOMINATE YOUR PAYROLL HERO TODAY!

Every ‘Payroll Hero’ will receive an email certificate to ‘Thank You’ for their commitment during Lockdown.


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Payroll Lockdown Heroes

Sheryl Roberts | ARCC Communications

Karolina Grigaityte | Argus Media LTD

Jessica Ferris | ARRK Europe ltd

Leanne Carr | AWS Accountancy ltd

Abi Ross | BCS Accounting Ltd

Charlotte Melbourne | BCS Accounting Ltd

Louise Ault | Blind Veterans UK

Jenny Phillips | Brunel University London

Yvonne Jones | Carrier Corporation

Femi Junaid | City of London

Samantha Wright | City of London

Carl Davison | Computacenter UK Ltd

Artur Dzieciatek | Daiwa Capital Markets Europe

Miti Shah | Diverse Dining Ltd

Andrea Carter | Durham County Council

Hannah Dickinson | Durham County Council

Helen Ingham | Durham County Council

Jessica Bruce | Durham County Council

Julie Dowey | Durham County Council

Katherine Jane Dixon | Durham County Council

Lisa Shaw | Durham County Council

Marie Butler | Durham County Council

Michelle Coughlan | Durham County Council

Natasha Grainger | Durham County Council

Pauline Thompson | Durham County Council

Richa Jobanputra | Durham County Council

Ricky Cairns | Durham County Council

Samantha Irving | Durham County Council

Sarah Jones | Durham County Council

Shelley Hall | Durham County Council

Aimee Williams | Fourth

Alison Walker | Fourth

Kathryn Wright | Fourth

Rick Few | Fourth



“This year, we are extremely proud to be sponsoring National Payroll Week during one of the most challenging periods for the Payroll profession.  As keyworkers, Payroll professionals have worked tirelessly to keep the UK paid over the past 5-months and we want to dedicate National Payroll Week to all the “Payroll Heroes” who carried on working and went that extra mile. Moving the celebrations online this year gives us the opportunity to embrace new technologies while creating new experiences and it’s a reminder how far the Payroll industry has come as it adapts to the changing world. But most of all we look forward to seeing how the payroll teams up and down the country are celebrating!”

Anthony Macey, Director at Portfolio Payroll, part of The Portfolio Group

Click to learn more about National Payroll Week and how you can get involved.  National Payroll Week runs from 7th Sept to 11th Sept 2020.

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Payroll Lockdown Heroes

Martyn Brown | Franklin Underwood

Sarah Brooks | GCSD Accountants

Megan O’Neill | Godfrey Laws & Co Ltd

Sharon Soar | Greencore Group

Angela Wagner | Hilton

Carrie Dickson | Hilton

Fiona Raeburn | Hilton

Lynsey Thomas | Hilton

Nicole Medway | Hilton

Robert Bryson | Hilton

Amy Fox | Loughborough University

Keeley Thain | Lovewell Blake

Abbie McLaughlin | McKesson UK

Debbie Hunter | NHS

Patricia Kennedy | OASIS GROUP

Kate Autridge | Paystream Accounting Services

Philip Johnson | Pierce CA Ltd

Anthony Macey | The Portfolio Group

Rachael Birkett | Rothschild & Co.

Amanda McBride | Scottish Government

Carin Doherty | Scottish Government

Joanne McLaughlin | Scottish Government

Jordan Henderson | Scottish Government

Macarena Castro | Scottish Government

Ross Fleming | Scottish Government

Chantelle Kendrick | Sellick Partnership

Amy Roberts | Stobart Group

Payroll Team | Sussex Payroll Services Ltd

Sarah Bradley | TI Accountancy

Amy Coleman | Trentbarton

Laura Craggs | Trentbarton

Christine Beecroft | TUI Ltd

Jennifer Garbutt | William Hill

John Shaw | William Hill

Samantha Keeley | World Duty Free