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Nominate your PAYROLL HEROES today!

Everyone knows that payrollers are a super team, and this year we want to celebrate all the heroes in your payroll department!

So, who is your Captain Payroll? Your Wonder Worker? Do you have a Super-Payer?

Celebrate the Payroll Heroes that keep you – and the UK – paid today!

Nominate your Payroll Heroes and during National Payroll Week, each hero/heroic department will receive a special thank you gift box for their dedication and commitment to the payroll industry.

As headline sponsor of National Payroll Week, we are encouraging all businesses to celebrate payroll, and all the heroes who make sure that employees up & down the UK are paid week-in, week-out. A selection of these nominations will be shared throughout September 2024.

Deadline for nominations is midnight Sunday 18th August.  Any nominations after this time, may not be accepted.