Employers worried staff cannot afford to retire

A Survey by Hay Group has found 50% of employers are concerned about their employees being unable to afford retirement.

Auto-enrolment education was also highlighted as an area for improvement, as only 27% of employers said the communications their staff received was to a standard considered to be “excellent”.

The research was compiled from the responses of 252 employees. It was conducted in response to a Freedom of Information request where government figures revealed only 45% of new pensioners are to be entitled to the new full, flat-rate state pension during its first five years.

Better pension guidance required

The survey revealed that 40% of employers are looking at educating their employees in financial education during the coming year, including preparation for auto-enrolment.

Nathan Long, head of corporate pension at Hargreaves Lansdown said the results show that lots of employers “recognise auto-enrolment has not gone far enough” and subsequently many are looking to improve workplace education.

One in five companies said they would offer better guidance if they had a second chance at preparing their staff for its introduction.

To be comfortable in later life, the government suggests auto-enrolment will require minimum contributions of 8% by 2018, while Hargreaves Lansdown says a minimum rate of 12% is needed.

Financial clarity is vital if staff, especially the older generation, are to be in the position to make informed decisions on their future.

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Initially, payroll departments were concerned with the implementation and administration of the new auto-enrolment legislation, yet communication and education is now a key focus.

Payroll departments need to be in a position to offer their employees sufficient financial assistance and to do this they need to employ the right candidates so they can function to their potential.

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