Entry Level Payroll Jobs

The payroll department of any company is vital in ensuring employees are paid on time and accurately for the hours they work, and that correct National Insurance and tax deductions are applied.

You could say that the happiness of employees somewhat relies on the payroll department to carry out their jobs properly.

Payroll managers will therefore look to employ individuals with the right skills and attributes to assist the department effectively, and ensure it operates efficiently.

Here we look at entry level payroll positions, such as payroll assistant or administrator, and the daily duties to secure possible career progression:

Do entry level payroll jobs require experience?

Work ethic is just as important at entry level as academic success. Often, employers will look for candidates for entry level positions who have prior office experience and a good GCSE maths grade.

During the recruitment process, most recruiters will seek applicants that show familiarity with relevant computer programmes such as Microsoft Excel and Word.

Daily duties

  • Creating and maintaining payroll records
  • Making National Insurance and tax deductions

Initially, employees usually work under the supervision of more senior staff. There are plenty of career progression avenues if they have the work ethic and dedication to take examinations and further their career:

Payroll career progression

From entering the profession at entry level, payroll assistants or administrators can progress to management and supervisory roles.

Alternatively, there are technical positions such as systems analyst and payroll coordinator.

Further up the ladder there are global payroll positions such as manager of global payroll or global payroll director.

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