The Role Of An Expat Payroll Consultant

In a world where companies operating on a global scale is becoming increasingly common, it is perhaps no surprise that this change is being reflected within the world of payroll.

If a company is preparing to expand internationally or is simply considering the prospect, an expatriate payroll consultant could be brought in to advise on the best way of introducing the system as effectively as possible.

With many countries having extremely different regulations, it is important for a consultant of this nature to have a wide-ranging knowledge of the industry around the world. Even if your business is only expanding on a small scale at this current point in time, hiring a consultant with a significant amount of experience will ensure that any future expansion could be handled by the same individual, reducing the time and cost of the process.

Who Uses Expat Payroll?

Expatriate payroll focuses on ensuring the accurate treatment of taxation between the home and host country; ensuring the expatriate workers pay the correct level of tax and social security contributions to remain compliant to international tax legislation.

An expat payroll will usually be required by a private company, although there are instances of the public sector workers relocating abroad on a short-term basis. An experienced payroll manager or payroll accountant are some of the most common types of payroll worker that relocate to another country for employment, although this will vary depending on the specific needs of the company involved.

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