Global businesses concerned about leadership

A report from Deloitte has revealed that many companies see leadership as one of their biggest challenges, with only 8% of organisations surveyed rating their leadership as excellent.

The report, Global Human Capital Trends 2015, included more than 3,300 organisations from 106 countries and assessed the importance of certain talent challenges and how ready they are to meet them.

It uncovered ten major gaps:

  • Leadership
  • Learning and development
  • Culture and engagement
  • Workforce and demand
  • Performance management
  • Reinventing HR
  • HR and people analytics
  • People data everywhere
  • Simplification of work
  • Machines as talent

You can read the full report online here.

Capability gap highlighted

The research highlighted a capability gap, this refers to the difference between how important HR professionals feel leadership is and how prepared they are to be successful in this area.

Of those surveyed, 80% said workforce capability was an important challenge whole only 4% said they were ready to address it.

Only 10% rated their human resources performance as excellent, and 66% suggested they are not capable of dealing with the pace of change in their business.

Technology was also an issue, with only 8% saying they are excellent at mobile learning. Deloitte’s head of human capital practice, Anne-Marie Malley, warned that firms should urgently address this particular issue.

Lack of commitment to millennial development

Malley said that companies are seeing an “increasing demand for leadership at all levels, especially among Millennials”, but said that “improvements are not coming through fast enough.”

She said that by 2025 Millennials will make up 75% of the UK workforce, meaning it has never been so important to commit to the development of this group.

Finally she said that changes need to happen if UK businesses are to “effectively navigate the new world of work.”

Ensure your HR department is properly equipped

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