Why a skilled global payroll manager is vital in 2013

Companies with an expatriate or overseas workforce will know how important – and difficult – it can be to find a highly skilled global payroll manager. However, this prospect is even more daunting in 2013.

In April 2013 HMRC introduced payroll real time information for UK companies. This in itself posed a problem for many businesses, necessitating the purchase of software and hiring of interim specialists to oversee the transition. UK-based companies with overseas employees on their payroll will also have to apply for a renewed HMRC agreement for their modified payroll by October 2013; otherwise, they will need to ensure PAYE RTI for expats is sent to HMRC – despite the numerous complications and considerations involved.

Global payroll concerns

For companies currently operating overseas the role is a vital one, whereas for those looking to expand overseas as part of their growth plan, it's indispensible. However, many complex challenges face a global payroll manager, including:

  • Collecting the right data for payroll
  • Strategies for entering new markets
  • The pressure to cut costs when operating global payroll
  • Standardising and simplifying the deductions process across multiple countries
  • Cultural differences and the language barrier
  • Liaising with third party payroll providers for overseas workforces
  • Tax compliance across multiple countries – with the threat of severe fines for non-compliance

Making the crucial hire

Clearly, a global payroll manager or specialist needs to be a cut above the rest, in order to cope with these challenges while keeping your expat payroll efficient. Applicants will need plenty of relevant experience, either in the EU, EMEA or international field, while the CIPP certificate in managing global payroll is highly relevant to the position.

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