Recruiting a Head of Payroll

The payroll department in a business is an extremely important one, responsible for a number of actions which have a wide-ranging impact on employee happiness and the overall success of the company.

With this in mind, a business should be extremely careful when recruiting a new head of payroll. Making the wrong choice will not only have an influence on one area of the business, but could potentially be catastrophic for the entire company.

Portfolio Payroll has the knowledge and experience needed to ensure that the correct decision is made during the search for a new head of payroll, with a proven track record of success across numerous types of payroll positions in extremely varied industries.

Head of Payroll responsibilities

As the head of a payroll team, the successful candidate will have a wealth of responsibilities. As well as ensuring that payroll operations are running smoothly, the head of payroll will also take care of any issues encountered by members of their team.

Keeping up with changes to legislation, monitoring workload and coming up with new strategies to improve the payroll department are just some of the duties taken on by a head of payroll. It is a demanding yet highly rewarding job, and experience is essential if your company is to move forward in a strong and successful manner.

By putting your faith in Portfolio Payroll to deliver the very best candidates available, you can rest easy in the knowledge that your new payroll team leader will be a great success, and a huge overall benefit to the company.

Contact Portfolio Payroll

Portfolio Payroll can help you to recruit the ideal new head of payroll, no matter what industry you are working in and the subsequent challenges which will be faced as a result. Whatever you need from your head of payroll, Portfolio Payroll can put you in touch with the very best candidates available.

Portfolio Payroll is in no way limited to recruiting for head of payroll positions. In addition to filling payroll manager vacancies, we can also help you find an experienced payroll consultant and many additional complex payroll jobs.

Whether you are a business looking to recruit a talented individual to become your new head of payroll or an experienced candidate looking to find a new challenge, get in touch by calling 020 7247 9455 or email

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