Jobs in payroll: interim payroll consultant

On this page, you can find information about the role of an interim payroll consultant, one of the many challenging and skilled jobs in payroll.

Whether you are thinking of hiring an interim payroll consultant, or you are thinking of training for the role yourself, these are the duties and skills this professional proves at an interview and does on the job.

Interim payroll consultant duties

An interim payroll consultant takes on the same duties as a permanent consultant. A key difference is that the interim consultant's contract only covers a small duration of time, usually a few months. This means that while the permanent payroll consultant may be available for advice at all times, an interim consultant may work on only one specific task.

An interim payroll consultant may be asked to:

  • Produce documentation – such as manuals which explain the company process.
  • Design a process – such as a implementing payroll software and arranging training for clerks.
  • Supervise an audit – overseeing tasks to ensure they are done correctly and to a high standard
  • Advise on changes and feasibility – using knowledge of the payroll industry to help the business make better decisions

Interim payroll consultant skills

An interim payroll consultant often has:

  • A relevant qualification up to a degree level
  • Strong communication skills
  • Working knowledge of the PAYE system and legislation
  • Experience in a customer support environment
  • Time management skills
  • General IT skills such as Microsoft Office
  • Excellent people skills
  • Knowledge of particular payroll systems for example OPAL

These are the general duties and skills of the role, however a particular vacancy may have its own minor variations, depending on the business and the tasks involved.

If you have these skills, or you are looking for someone with them, we can help you fill a position for an interim payroll consultant.

Fill an interim payroll consultant vacancy

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