Jobs in payroll: interim payroll manager

On this page, you will find out about the role and the duties of a interim payroll manager, one of the many fast paced jobs in payroll. An interim payroll manager has a number of important tasks to perform which relate to the organisation of work, processing of payments and guidance of staff.

To get more insight into the interim payroll manager's role, it's important to see what the duties of the role are, what the responsibilities of the role are, and what to look for to fill a position.

What does a interim payroll manager do?

An interim payroll manger takes on the same responsibilities of a permanent, with the key difference being that the interim manager has a short contract and may have reduced responsibilities from a permanent staff member – as usually an interim manager is helping to hold the business together while a permanent member of staff is found, or when extra responsibilities have made the workload too high for just one member of staff, so an extra but temporary member is needed.

Any busy office has many individuals directed by the payroll manger, who has responsibility to make sure work goes ahead smoothly. That responsibility is made up of a number of duties. And in general those duties are:

  1. Manage Teams – In a payroll manager's shoes, you are usually in charge of a team of payroll administrators and month by month you would make sure that they have the resources to complete their tasks.
  2. Manage the process – A payroll manager is expected to get to grips with the payroll process and to understand it in depth, so that they can manage the whole process and make sure that all duties within it are completed and on time.
  3. Check, run and audit – Many tasks within the payroll department will have final approval by a payroll manager, even if this person doesn't complete the task themselves. Maintaining payroll, running benefits programs, and completing audits – all of these tasks generally ask for a payroll manager's supervision.
  4. Report, and conduct meetings – The payroll manager may also be expected to run reports on the performance of a particular element of the process, and to meet with staff from other departments to discuss the performance of the business.

What skills and qualifications will they have?

An interim payroll manager is generally expected to:

  • Have a relevant qualification up to a degree level
  • Show excellent communication skills
  • Have a strong working knowledge of the PAYE system and legislation
  • Work well under pressure
  • Manage time effectively
  • Be skilled with office programs such as Microsoft Office
  • Have specialist knowledge of particular payroll systems for example OPAL

These are the core responsibilities, duties, and expectations of the role. Now that you have some understanding of what the job entails, you are equipped and know what to look for when you want to fill a vacancy.

Fill a temporary payroll project manager vacancy

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