Part Time Payroll Jobs

There are certain times during the year when the payroll industry is busier than normal. For example, the period around Christmas sees many payroll departments requiring part time payroll staff in order to keep up with tasks.

This situation is of course dependent on the industry your payroll department serves. Retail companies will also see a spike in workload around the January and summer sales, where shops usually take on extra staff to deal with the rush of customers.

Bringing in a temporary or part time payroll expert in these situations could help ease the burden on your full time workers, as well as providing the individual with invaluable experience that may lead to more permanent roles in the future.

End of year payroll

The end of the payroll year is another time that sees departments dealing with an increased workload. Bringing in part time staff at this time can ensure essential year end payroll tasks are carried out correctly.

These jobs are of course essential for tax purposes, for both employers and employees. Failure to comply with tax laws or making a mistake in this area can have very serious consequences, so it is certainly better to be safe than sorry at this time of year.

Get help with payroll recruitment

If you need part time payroll staff for your business, our experienced recruiters can help accomplish this task quickly and easily. We have a pool of strong candidates to draw on, each with relevant experience and knowledge of industry legislation such as pension auto enrolment.

To get in touch with Portfolio Payroll about all your part time recruitment needs, or if you are jobseeker looking to be matched with the right company, you can contact us on 020 7247 2882 and we will be glad to assist you.

We can also find the right person for your full time vacancies, including roles such as payroll manager and payroll director.

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