What is payroll accounting?

Payroll accounting covers a wide range of duties and is an essential area in any successful business. The role of the Payroll Accountant has increased in prominence year on year as changes in industry regulation, compliance, legislation and audit controls has required organisations to ensure their payroll and accounting procedures remain both compliant and robust.

Payroll accounting duties can vary from the timely and accurate reconciliation and approval of payrolls, reconciliation of General Ledger accounts, payroll control account, employee benefit contributions through to P35 and year end balances.

With so much for a payroll accounting team to do, it is essential that the payroll operations manager at your business is well trained, organised and experienced. As long as they have these skills and the ability to lead a team, the payroll team at your business will work smoothly and keep the employees from suffering any pay related issues.

The Payroll Accounting team provide an essential function working closely with both Finance and Human Resources Teams to ensure the timely and accurate processing and reconciliation of payroll balances through to ensuring the payment of third party payments to external vendors and regulatory bodies.

Considering the many duties relating to payroll accounting, it is highly important to recruit the highest calibre candidates to fill your vacant payroll accounting jobs. Portfolio Payroll have a depth of experience in sourcing the candidates with the specific skill set to undertake payroll accounting roles and a proven track record in assisting employers looking to employ a payroll accountant.

Fill your payroll accounting vacancies with Portfolio Payroll

Whether you are looking for a payroll operations manager or a payroll administrator, Portfolio Payroll can help you recruit the best possible candidates. Contact us today on 020 7247 9455 or via email on recruitment@portfoliopayroll.com to speak to one of our helpful and highly trained recruitment consultants.

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