Payroll administrator recruitment

Payroll is one of the most important parts of a business, with the staff in this department holding a vital role for the success of the company and overall employee happiness. Errors relating to tax or wages can cause significant problems, not only financially but to the reputation and harmony of your workplace.

With this in mind, it is essential to have a strong payroll administrator as a part of your payroll team, covering a number of vital tasks to keep everything running smoothly.

What does a payroll administrator do?

A payroll administrator, otherwise known as a payroll officer or clerk, normally has three core duties:

  • Ensuring staff are paid in full and on time
  • Adding any bonuses and overtime, and deducting any absences
  • Calculating PAYE and NI payable for each employee

This trio of responsibilities cover the most essential payroll tasks, helping to avoid issues for staff as well as any tax complications that could potentially impact negatively on the business.

However, during busier times such as the festive period or other holidays, the role of a payroll administrator can become much more complicated. Many businesses employ seasonal workers, who are sometimes paid weekly instead of monthly, requiring the administration of high volume time and attendance data and new starter information. Furthermore, some organisations will be paying overtime, sales commission and bonus payments. Most importantly, however, it's a time of year when workers' pay becomes utterly essential, so ensuring the process is efficient and error-free is crucial.

A permanent or temporary payroll administrator will therefore need to be a perfectionist, a good time keeper, have a good head for figures, and – most importantly – be calm under pressure. Relevant experience and an ability to demonstrate the key skills required are also an extremely important factor to take into consideration, allowing the new payroll administrator to hit the ground running once they begin their new role.

Recruiting a payroll manager

As well as finding outstanding payroll administrators, Portfolio Payroll also are experts in payroll manager recruitment, with many years of experience in finding the ideal candidate for numerous businesses in various industries.

While many skills are essential for every payroll manager position, there will be key differences depending on what industry your business works in and the nature of the company. Portfolio Payroll plays close attention to these key considerations, ensuring that you are only presented with the very best candidates for the particular role.

Find a payroll administrator with Portfolio Payroll

Portfolio Payroll recruitment agency matches the highest calibre candidates with payroll jobs at some of the UK's biggest corporations. We also have a team that specialises in filling payroll temp roles at all levels.

Whether you're an employer looking to hire a payroll administrator or a professional that wants to register as a candidate, Portfolio Payroll can help. To get in touch call us today on 020 7247 9455, or email

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