The role of a payroll coordinator

A payroll coordinator is an experienced and knowledgeable individual who makes up a critical part of a payroll team, bringing together many different projects to ensure consistent and coordinated results.

The role of a payroll coordinator is very much dependent on the nature and the size of your business, but strong organisational skills are a must, in addition to leadership skills, the ability to work as part of a team and excellent timekeeping.

As a payroll coordinator will often be at the centre of a significant project or task, it is highly important that they can work to strict deadlines. These are the qualities we will be searching for when looking to provide you with your new payroll coordinator, as we ensure every candidate we present you with would be ideal for the position on offer. Once you have a group of quality candidates to interview, the following tips can help to ensure you get the right person.

Interview questions for a payroll coordinator

Ensuring you ask the right questions when interviewing candidates is the perfect way to guarantee that you end up employing the individual who best suits the needs of your company. Compose a list of questions which will dig deeper into the payroll experience of the candidate, and ask them to demonstrate how their skills have previously resulted in success.

What type of person are they? Will they fit in with the general vibe of the workplace with a shared mentality as to how to push things forward? Skills are of course hugely important, but the personal attributes held by the potential employee are also essential for creating a happy and productive environment.

The interview process can be frustrating, especially when potential candidates are brought in for a discussion, only for it to quickly become apparent they are clearly unsuitable for the position. This risk is removed by a partnership with Portfolio Payroll – with our knowledge and experience in the field providing us with the perfect platform to ensure that only suitable individuals will be put before the panel.

Such is the strength of our reputation that we are the only agency to be personally recommended by the CIPP (Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals) organisation, a hugely significant name and a widely respected voice within the industry.

Finding your ideal payroll coordinator vacancy

If you are searching for the opportunity to become a payroll coordinator yourself, Portfolio Payroll can help you to keep up to date with the latest vacancies. By registering on the website, you can be notified of the available jobs which are suitable for both your skills and your location. With so many superb vacancies becoming available on the Portfolio Payroll website, you are sure to be presented with a number of excellent opportunities to find the payroll job you always wanted.

Hiring a payroll coordinator with Portfolio Payroll

Portfolio Payroll can help with every area of payroll recruitment, from a payroll coordinator to any number of positions that make up your payroll department, including recruitment for payroll manager jobs or a new payroll operations manager. To get in touch with our team and get the process underway of finding the ideal candidate for your vacant position, call 020 7247 9455 or email

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