Understand the job: payroll executive

Many payroll executives have found the right role with help from Portfolio Payroll. We have connected professionals with employers for over 20 years and are the only recruiter recommended by the Charted Institute of Payroll Professionals (CIPP).

When you work in the payroll sector, there are a wide range of available roles to suit professionals of every level.

Here, you can find out more about the role and duties of a payroll executive. This person has a number of important tasks to do, making them a vital part of any payroll team.

What does a payroll executive do?

  • Payroll administration – A payroll executive works with both the internal payroll team and any clients the company has, making sure that all staff, such as payroll clerks carry out their monthly tasks to a satisfactory level.
  • Project communication – Every good payroll executive has the confidence to discuss progress and goals with senior members of an organisation, and to liaise with clients too. This is a key skill, as a payroll executive is often focused on client relationships and customer care.
  • Knowledge of the industry – In their job, payroll executives are often expected to have a strong working knowledge of the industry, including the relevant legislation. This is because as part of their role they may have to discuss current issues with clients or senior staff.

The above three areas are often the core responsibilities of a payroll executive. But how do you fill or find a position as a payroll executive?

Payroll executive jobs

If you are looking to find or fill a payroll executive position, you can benefit from the experience and insight of the team at Portfolio Payroll.

We have filled countless payroll positions, from part time payroll jobs to permanent payroll administrator jobs. So when you want to hire a payroll executive, email recruitment@portfoliopayroll.com or call 020 7247 2882 and you will get the help you need to fill the open position.

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