Hiring the perfect payroll manager

For any organisation the importance of the payroll manager means there’s lots to consider when recruiting for this type of role.

This is why, at Portfolio Payroll, we take care of the entire recruitment process for you. We find skilled professionals with the experience to make a difference to your company.

What makes the ideal candidate?

Payroll managers are responsible for their department. This means managing a team of staff, recruiting new staff and approving the pay of the entire company.

They are vital to the morale of companies and they ensure all employees get paid correctly and on time.

The ideal candidate will demonstrate they are capable of performing a range of tasks confidently.

They will be able to operate efficiently in a fast-paced environment, while taking charge of a team of staff consisting of payroll administrators or payroll assistants.

The level of responsibility depends on the size of the organisation. For example, global payroll mangers must understand global payroll legislation and must adhere to tax obligations.

Ideally, you want a person with who has:

  • Strong leadership abilities
  • Excellent written and verbal communication

Strong candidates will have knowledge of complex tax and payroll legislation. They might also hold a BTEC Professional Certificate in Team Management or the IPP Diploma in Payroll Management.

We will present you with candidates who match the above, but during the interview process it’s vital for you to understand their background and ambition.

This is where you can see if they’re a true fit for your company.

Contact Portfolio Payroll for recruitment advice

Our recruitment specialists find suitable candidates for all roles within payroll departments.

Our depth of knowledge means we know the exact skills and level of experience to look for. For more information call us on 020 7247 9455, or email us on recruitment@portfoliopayroll.com.

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