Finding a payroll manager

Our recruitment team are skilled in matching candidates with positions within company payroll departments.

During the recruitment process we will only present you quality candidates with the right skills and attributes to take your business forward.

Here we explain what a payroll manager does and how to find the right person for the job.

Payroll manager job requirements

A payroll manager is in charge of the internal payroll department and its employees.

They are responsible for making sure staff are paid correctly and on time, and are key to the morale of staff.

On a daily basis they may do the following:

  • Create payroll policies
  • Calculate pay and deducting tax and NI payments
  • Ensure payroll policies adhere to government legislation
  • Process holiday, sick and maternity pay or expenses

These tasks may be handed down to a member of the payroll department who works under the guidance of the manager.

Who should you be looking for?

Look for candidates with five years experience in payroll.

The right person will have knowledge of wage structures and the latest administration procedures and will be comfortable with a high level of responsibility.

They will ideally have the following qualifications:

  • CIPP National Payroll Certificates
  • CIPP Practitioner Certificate in Payroll

It is common for aspiring managers to work towards a Professional Certificate in Team Management.

They will be invested in the culture of the business and will be able to demonstrate that they can motivate, lead and inspire the department.

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