The duties of a payroll team leader

In this guide, we tell you about the role and duties of a payroll team leader. This person has a number of important tasks to perform which relate to the organisation, support and morale of any effective payroll team.

A payroll team leader works alongside a number of professionals who undertake a variety of different roles, and the occupations available in payroll are, to some, surprisingly broad.

What are the duties of a payroll team leader?

In the workplace there are many situations where they may be called in to action, some of these are quite general while others are very specific. If you want to hire the best candidate for your company, then it is important to learn about the duties of a payroll team leader in some detail, so that you know what skills to look for when the time comes to winnow through the candidates.

  • Management – Every team leader should be able to engage and support the team during their time at work. Candidates will usually prove competency through examples in which they should show emotional intelligence and compassion for their team.
  • Organisation – Team leaders need to be highly organised, in that they should be aware of the progress of work for each individual in their team and be able to see how this fits in to the larger picture of the payroll operation. Great team leaders can prove their ability when they show success with projects during busy periods, such as at the end of the tax year.
  • Procedure knowledge – The best candidates will have years of experience working in payroll and will be aware of the many different procedures involved to finish a particular task. When you want the best person for the role, look for CIPP qualified candidates, who have worked in payroll for several years.
  • Technological skill – Experience using Enterprise Resources Planning software, which allows businesses to store and manage data from different stages of the business, is a must for any decent candidate. In particular, use of SAP or Oracle is an indicator of a great candidate.

Such are the core responsibilities of payroll team leader. Now that you have some understanding of what the job entails you may have a stronger notion of when you need to hire this professional.

Fill a payroll team leader vacancy

When it comes to selecting an appropriate candidate for the position, we can help you.

Our experts can do the field work to put you in touch with the very best candidates. Looking through CVs and testing candidates to reduce the time and effort it takes for you to move on to the interview process.

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