Pension manager jobs

The jobs in payroll are varied. This sector employs a variety of professionals with different skills, from those who make sure the finer details are always right, to those who are looking at the bigger picture. One such role is a pension manager, an expert in their specialised field.

Pension manager duties

Though the particular responsibilities may vary for each vacancy, there are some general duties that anyone can expect to undertake in this specific role.

Typically, a pensions manager will be expected to:

  • Manage a team of administrators and advisors
  • Handle complex claims
  • Plan and develop existing pension schemes
  • Report on the financial performance of schemes
  • Prepare annual reports
  • Meet the strict regulatory standards of the industry

This professional may also be responsible for marketing a scheme, and may also liaise with auditors, consultants and trustees as a part of their day-to-day business.

Pensions manager skills

While it is possible for an individual to work up to the level of pensions manager, there are also Pensions Management Institute (PMI) qualifications which help new candidates get ahead. These include:

  • Diploma in Pensions Calculation
  • Qualification in Pensions Administration
  • Qualification in Public Sector Pensions Administration

Alternatively, BTEC diplomas, or qualifications such as A levels may help — whereas some companies may prefer the candidate to be a graduate of business, finance, or law.

What can you earn?

Depending on the level of experience, and the particular role, a pensions manager's salary can span from £18,000 to £80,000.

If you are looking for this job, you may also be qualified for other roles. From a payroll clerk to a payroll manager, there are plenty of positions in this busy sector.

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