Public Sector Payroll

Payroll jobs for public sector positions are highly specialised, with a number of important considerations to take into account that may not be found anywhere else within the payroll industry.

Staff benefits are often more complex in the public sector, with TUPE regulations more important than ever in this particular field. Rather than employees receiving a set salary, pay terms can often be influenced by social and economic conditions, meaning payroll professionals in the public sector must constantly keep up to date with the latest changes to ensure that staff receive the correct pay.

With so many additional factors to consider when filling a position in this area, the skill set required for public sector payroll jobs is even more extensive than usual.

Skills Required For Public Sector Payroll

There are a number of different payroll positions within the public sector, from accountant jobs to a payroll manager roles. An individual's responsibilities will vary based on the position they are applying for, but there are a number of essential skills which remain relevant for any candidate:

  • Organisational skills – It is essential that an employee is able to work to tight deadlines, set both by themselves or other members of the team. Candidates should also have excellent teamwork skills and be proficient at collaborating on group projects.
  • Office and computer skills – Microsoft Excel is an important tool in the payroll industry, so having a strong knowledge of this tool and spreadsheet management is extremely beneficial.
  • Relevant experience – As with any position, an ability to provide evidence of your relevant successes in a similar field is extremely important when filling a public sector payroll vacancy.

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