Get the most detailed and definitive payroll salary survey on the market

The Portfolio Payroll Salary Survey is the comprehensive payroll focused salary guide on the guide on the market, solely compiled using data and research sourced directly from clients and candidates.

What’s in the Survey:

  • A deep dive into working from home arrangements, how important this has become to payroll professionals and statistics that demonstrate the current home/office balance in the market and why 55% of respondents would never work full time in an office again.
  • Salary breakdowns from entry level to executive, showing the highs, lows, and averages across all regions to help you benchmark.
  • Articles from recruitment experts focused on market insight, the CIPP on how technology affects payroll, and leading mental health and HR businesses.
  • How and why salaries have plateaued, what this means for businesses, and how training and other benefits can increase job retention and satisfaction.

Whether you are an employer looking to retain your talent or grow your team, or a potential jobseeker looking to know your worth in the market, our salary survey is for you. Our in-depth guide will allow you to assess how your current package stacks upagainst those being offered elsewhere, provide a realistic expectation of what you or potential employees can expect per region as well as providing insight into welfare and benefit trends.

To speak to us in more detail about how we can help find you hire new talent or find your next role, please contact us.

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