Recruitment of a SAP specialist

If your business introduces SAP, is building a mobile SAP application or accessing software through the crowd it can be highly beneficial to employ a SAP software specialist for assistance. As well as your business benefiting from their knowledge and experience, they can also assist fellow employees and improve their own SAP skills.

To gain a better understanding of what makes the ideal candidate for a SAP specialist position, first you must understand what it is this individual will actually be doing within the company. The following are some of the key duties which a SAP specialist will be responsible for.

Role of a SAP specialist

  • Use SAP to streamline and automate core HR and payroll processes
  • Automatically monitor hours worked by employees using the SAP software
  • Input wage incentive data if required
  • Manage information on expenses and remuneration< /li>
  • Set up SAP to calculate gross and net pay, making up the total amount which will be received by the employee at the end of the month
  • Assist other users within the company with the establishment and overall use of SAP.

The SAP software can also be used for more accurate calculations for hourly wage earners, ensuring that employees who are not on a contract do not receive payment which is too much or too little. While this is an automated process done by the software, a SAP specialist can be used to ensure that this function is working correctly and that no mistakes have been made in the initial process.

Ideal candidates from Portfolio Payroll

In addition to recruiting a SAP specialist, Portfolio Payroll are also on hand to help you find the ideal candidates for many other jobs in payroll. From payroll clerk jobs to an international payroll manager, our expert team are on hand to fill both permanent and temporary positions.

To get in touch, email or call on 020 7247 2882 for temporary recruitment, and 020 7247 9455 for permanent recruitment.

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