Portfolio Payroll
Month: November 2013

Public Sector Payroll

Payroll jobs for public sector positions are highly specialised, with a number of important considerations to take into account that may not be found anywhere else within the payroll industry. Staff benefits are often more complex in the public sector, with TUPE regulations more important than ever in this particular field. Rather than employees receiving … Continued

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Payroll Accountant

A payroll accountant is one of the most common positions within the industry, yet also one of the most important. These individuals are crucial to the success of any payroll team, undertaking a complex and varied role. The nature of the payroll industry often means there are significant differences between company to company when it … Continued

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The Role Of An Expat Payroll Consultant

In a world where companies operating on a global scale is becoming increasingly common, it is perhaps no surprise that this change is being reflected within the world of payroll. If a company is preparing to expand internationally or is simply considering the prospect, an expatriate payroll consultant could be brought in to advise on … Continued

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